Auto Detailing Pricing

I offer four basic levels of detailing for your car, truck, van or SUV, with additional specialty services as needed.

The Deep Clean and Shine $125 2 Hours

Trucks and SUVs add $35

  • Full Exterior Deep Wash
  • Exterior Hand Wax Coat
  • Wheels/Tires Cleaned and Dressed

The Good Going Over $165 3 to 3.5 Hours

Trucks and larger SUVs add $50

  • Full Exterior Wash and Clay Towel
  • Exterior Hand Wax Coat, machine buffing
  • Windshield And All Windows Cleaned With Invisible Glass
  • Wheels/Tires Cleaned and Dressed

The Works $300 * 4 to 5 Hours

Trucks and larger SUVs add $50

  • Full Exterior Wash and Clay Bar/Towel
  • Exterior Wax applied with dual action polisher and machine buffed
  • (*polished or compounded if needed-priced according to condition)
  • Windshield and All Other Windows Deep Cleaned With Invisible Glass
  • Exterior Trim Restore
  • Exterior Chrome Waxed and Buffed
  • (*Restored With Nevr Dull if needed-priced according to condition)
  • Wheels and Tires degreased, Cleaned, and Dressed

Interior Cleaning $100-$200

Price determined by condition and desired outcome

  • Deep Vacuum
  • Door panels/jambs cleaned and dressed
  • Dash cleaned and dressed
  • Carpets spot cleaned or shampooed
  • Header cleaned
  • Fabric and/or leather cleaned/treated
  • Odor Removal with Ozone treatment (if needed)

Polishing / Compounding $100-$300 (condition and size)

One dedicated pass with customized cutting/polishing solution applied with a machine selected for your particular type and hardness of clearcoat.

There is nothing like polishing or compounding to remove surface scratches while restoring original showroom luster. We offer a range of services to suit your needs.

Polishing or compounding has to be done on a well washed and prepped surface so we have to do a deep wash first on any vehicle we polish.

Ceramic Coating $75 to $800

Hybrid Ceramic Wax Before/After on a Subaru

2 choices, The pure ceramic coat will require an overnight cure time in our wash bay. We also offer a hybrid solution that has both wax and Si02 combined that does not require the overnight cure time but still provides several months of protection. We will need your car in early in the morning and will be ready by the end of the day.

Dedicated Si02 Coating. $800Si02

Hybrid Ceramic Wax Upgrade with deep wash ONLY $75

Details Delivered to You $25

We bring everything to your location within 20 miles of Sparta at a time of your choosing. We are happy to work out reasonable solutions for anyone further than 20 miles from Sparta.